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Understanding underlying shock and impact in production, measured in Inches Per Second (IPS) enables fillers to improve line efficiency and reduce container damage.
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Boost efficiency in bottling processes

This guide explains how impact and shock can affect the line, and how the Inches Per Second (IPS) measurement can enable the fast resolution of issues, line efficiency improvements and validation of continuous improvement routines.

Shock on a beer bottling line
How to calculate IPS and reduce shock areas to make line efficiency improvements.
Tools for a packaging engineer to measure shock and impact
Available tools to spot trends over time in regards to pressure and impact events.
Fillers that are reducing packaging damage
How other fillers are detecting and reducing damaging impact and shock on their lines. 


IPS (Inches Per Second) measurement has long been a strength rating for glass bottle producers but unknown to fillers. Today, IPS is fast-becoming a vital measurement tool both for fillers trying to design and process a lightweight bottle without reaching a breaking point (literally) and for fillers that are looking to optimize their line and find the root cause of packaging damage. Learn how to control impact and g-force in production to boost efficiency in bottling processes.


Chapter 1 The Shifting Industry of Glass Packaging
Chapter 2 IPS - What It Means & Why It’s a Vital Measure for Glass Packaging
Chapter 3 Out of the Lab & into the Real World – IPS Measured Dynamically on the Line
Chapter 4 What Fillers Have to Say About Smart In-line Sensors for IPS

Smart In-Line Sensors to measure shock, impact and pressure on bottling lines.png

What are Smart In-Line Sensors?

The real world is a complex environment with diverse variables that affect how a container responds to impact. In-line sensing technology has enabled additional methods of measuring impact and a more dynamic IPS calculation for fillers and glass manufacturers alike.

Sensors are housed in an exact replica of the bottles being processed and travel along the line to collect this information dynamically. Learn More >>